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Xedra's Stuff & Nonsense

Random Brain Bubbles of the Onion

6 August 1978
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Born and raised in Texas. Yee Haw.

I have one very sweet pest of a cat named Farley.

My current obsession is making music videos. So far, I've created many Xena-themed videos, but I will soon be making Charmed and Harry Potter-themed vidoes, too.

I watch entirely too much TV, but don't we all?
I am a big fan of the following:

CSI (Vegas)
Beauty and the Beast (the tv show)
Star Trek: TNG, DS9, and Voyager
So You Think You Can Dance
Dancing With the Stars

I love movies and have WAY to many favorites to name, so I'll just say I like practically every type of movie except horror and those idiotic so-called comedies that are filled with nothing but moronic toilet-humor and sophmoric sex-humor. Puh-leeze!

I write a lot of Fan-Fiction, mostly for Xena, but I've also dabbled a bit in LOST and Gravitation (anime) and Beauty and the Beast(tv). I am currently working on some Harry Potter stuff, too.

My favorite SHIPs include:

Sherlock/John (Sherlock)
Mycroft/Molly (Sherlock)
Sawyer/Kate (LOST)
Charlie/Claire (LOST)
Joxer/Gabrielle (Xena)
Ron/Hermione (HP)
Harry/Ron (HP)
Harry/Ginny (HP)
Harry/Draco (HP)
Aragorn/Arwen (LotR)
Faramir/Eowyn (LotR)
Vincent/Catherine (BatB)
Leo/Piper (Charmed)
Han/Leia (SW)

I can draw a bit and paint a bit. I've done some Fan Art for Xena and BatB, and am working on something for Harry Potter.

I love all things Irish, especially the music, and it is my dearest wish to visit the Emerald Isle one day.

I love fantastical things like fairies and magic, especially in artwork. Jospehine Wall, Amy Brown, and Kinuko Y. Craft are among my favorite artists. I also love Pre-Raphaelite artwork and Art Nouveau.

I do a lot of crafting, like sewing, crosstitch, embroidery, quilting, crochet and beading.

I not a very good cook (I'm easily distracted and things tend to burn when you get distracted) but I make a wonderful lasagna and really delicious cookies.

People who drive while talking on cell phones MAKE ME CRAZY!

Oh, and I love ANIME!

I love British television! Top Gear is hilarious and I simply adore QI - Stephen Fry is all things delightful.

That's all for now, I guess. I'm sure I'll be adding to this in the future as I think of things to bore you with about myself.